101 in 1001.

Finally completed this list. For those of you who are not familiar with 101 in 1001, it is basically a list of 101 goals I want to try and accomplish in 1001 days which is about 2.75 years. I am going to be blogging about all those that I finish. I hope this turns into some pretty cool memories! There will be links to the blog posts of all those that I have accomplished so far! I hope you enjoy. 

Start Date: 10.24.2014
End Date: 07.21.2017

The Goals:
01. Get all As one semester

02. Move somewhere new
03. Graduate college
04. Get my make up artist certification
05. Learn French 
06. Run a 5k
07. Visit London
08. Go on a volunteer trip
09. Have an amazing NYE
10. Go to a drive in movie
11. See Maroon 5 in concert
12. See Ed Sheeran in concert
13. Get and learn to ride a penny "nickel" board
14. See my sister go to prom (maybe my brother too!)
15. Save up $5000
16. Hit 500 blog followers on Kiss and Make Up
17. Hit 100 blog followers in Fill In The Blank
18. Read a book a month for 12 months straight
19. Take an art class
20. Start a beauty youtube channel
21. Visit an aquarium
22. Go a weekend with technology
23. Finish all the seasons of Criminal Minds on Netflix
24. Attend a show at fashion week
25. Watch the sunrise on a beach
26. Flight first class somewhere
27. Get a small tattoo - with Sam for Christmas
28. Send a postcard to PostSecret
29. Visit at least 3 of best coffee shops in the world
30. Attend a music festival
31. Learn to play poker
32. Visit Chicago 
33. Ride an elephant 
34. Zip-line 
35. Get a henna tattoo
36. Go to a Jazz Festival in Montreal 
37. Make candy apples 
38. Volunteer for the Special Olympics 
39. Go on a hike
40. Go skiing 
41. Bake a pie
42. Clean out my closet 
43. Donate clothing 
44. Make an adventure book 
45. See Cirque de Soleil
46. Go to a midnight premiere of a movie 
47. Own a nice camera
48. Donate my hair 
49. Buy my mom something nice
50. Get an internship
51. Dye my hair 
52. Visit a vineyard 
53. Give money to a street performer 
54. Donate my hair 
55. Take photo booth pictures
56. Complete a coloring book
57. Keep a dream journal for 6 months 
58. Eat desert first at a restaurant 
59. Have a picnic
60. Buy an artwork from a street vendor in the city 
61. Make a Pinterest DIY
62. Buy a lottery ticket and actually check the results
63. Fill up a biggie bank with change
64. Use the money from the biggie bank to buy something nice 
65. Take cute sibling photos
66. Buy someone a gift for no reason 
67. Weekend trip to AC
68. See One Direction in concert (for the third time)
69. Get a polaroid camera
70. Go to karaoke
71. Finish all the seasons of Grey’s Anatomy on Netflix
72. Go ice skating
73. Go to a comedy show - 10.25.2014 #Nofilter Show
74. Turn 21! - 02.10.2015
75. Make a playlist of my 101 favorite songs 
76. Go to a theme park 
77. Read a book in one day 
78. Do all the tourist things in New York 
79. Do all the tourist things in Philly
80. Write a story 
81. Make crepes 
82. Go to Good Morning America 
83. Buy something at a flea market 
84. Blog everyday for a month 
85. Reach my goal weight 
86. Get my make up professionally done 
87. Attend a wedding 
88. Get a Z Palette
89. Give blood 
90. Do another beauty swap with a blogger from Europe
91. Use mason jars for something
92. Take my siblings to a concert we’ll all like 
93. Buy something at a yard sale
94. Subscribe to Cosmopolitan 
95. Buy flowers 
96. Go a month without buying coffee
97. Go thrift shopping 
98. Put 20 dollars into my savings for every goal accomplished 
99.  Live on my own
100.  Attend a party that requires cocktail dresses and champagne 
101. Complete this list to the best of my ability

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