Saturday, October 18, 2014

101 in 1001. part #2

Over the last week or so, I've come in with another 30 things to add to my 101 in 1001. 
Here are my 30 from last time:
Here are 30 more:
This is actually a lot harder to come up with than I thought it would be. Only 41 more to come up with! 

01. Get all As one semester
02. Move to California
03. Graduate college
04. Get my make up certification
05. Learn French as close to fluently as I can
06. Run a 5k
07. Visit London
08. Volunteer in a foreign country
09. Have an amazing NYE
10. Go to a drive in movie
11. See Maroon 5 in concert
12. See Ed Sheeran in concert
13. Get and learn to ride a penny "nickel" board
14. Make sushi at home
15. Save up enough for a new car ($5000)
16. Hit 500 blog followers on Kiss and Make Up
17. Hit 100 blog followers in Fill In The Blank
18. Read a book a month for 12 months straight & write book reviews on them
19. Take an art class
20. Start a beauty youtube channel
21. Visit an aquarium
22. Go a weekend with technology
23. Finish all the seasons of Criminal Minds
24. Attend a show at fashion week
25. Watch the sunrise on a beach
26. Flight first class somewhere
27. Get a small tattoo
28. Send a postcard to PostSecret
29. Visit at least 3 of best coffee shops in the world
30. Attend a music festival

31. Learn to play poker
32. Visit Chicago 
33. Ride an elephant 
34. Zip-line 
35. Get a henna tattoo
36. Go to a Jazz Festival in Montreal 
37. Make candy apples 
38. Volunteer for the Special Olympics 
39. Go on a hike
40. Go skiing 
41. Bake a pie
42. Clean out my closet 
43. Donate clothing 
44. Make an adventure book 
45. See Cirque de Soleil
46. Go to a midnight premiere of a movie 
47. Own a nice camera
48. Donate my hair 
49. Go to Disney World 
50. Intern at a magazine company
51. Dye my hair 
52. Visit a vineyard 
53. Give money to a street performer 
54. Donate my hair 
55. Create a scavenger hunt
56. Complete a coloring book
57. Keep a dream journal for 6 months 
58. Eat desert first at a restaurant 
59. Have a picnic
60. Buy an artwork from a street vendor in the city 

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